Property Disputes

Expert mediators are able to assist with disputes within the property arena, having the ability to understand complex property matters quickly. This area constitutes a wide brief in terms of the various types of disputes covered by NWMS within the North and North West. These include:

  • Claims over title or ownership of property including boundary disputes;
  • Claims re faulty workmanship (joinery, decorating, plumbing and building) within or on property;
  • Commercial and residential landlord and tenant disputes (including local authority housing associations). Claims under this head can be the most acrimonious and are usually between landlords and tenants over rent reviews, changes in use and occupation, and the calculation of the service charge, thereby putting a strain on the relationship.
  • Disputes in respect of easements and rights of light;
  • Nuisance by noise;
  • Restrictive covenants;
  • Professional liability and fees;
  • Disputes involving utilities.