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A highly experienced team of mediators, we believe in resolving all disputes logically, quickly and efficiently.

Why go through litigation when mediation can instantly save time, money and the ongoing pressures of dispute?

Located in the North West of England, our team of seven mediators are all very familiar with the local area, its professions and businesses. Lateral thinkers, we strive for commercial settlements on all types of disputes, from the straightforward to more complex cases for individuals, businesses and solicitors.

I’m an individual 
or business

I’m a Lawyer

We get to the core of the issue and have been involved in over 1,000 mediations, settling 90% of disputes, which is well above the national average.

North West Mediation Solutions was originally founded by Consultant Peter Whitman who has over 45 years of experience of providing administration services to the legal profession and business.

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