Employment and Workplace Mediation 

People fall out in the workplace, it’s inevitable whatever the setting because of different personalities, aims and values leading to “clashes”.

The results of these clashes can, in a poorly managed situation result in:

  • relationships that have taken months and years to build can be spoiled in a day, and
  • other employees get drawn into the conflict on one side or another.
  • Formal grievance and disciplinary processes can take over the situation, leaving the disputants feeling sidelined and disempowered.
  • A great deal of time is wasted and expense incurred, and
  • the most significant part of the problem is that the people’s working relationship, remain damaged forever.

In a well managed situation a mediator can facilitates a settlement between the initial conflict, the onset of the grievance procedure and the hearing at the Employment Tribunal. It can help to re-instate the rapport between work colleagues, gaining trust, improving motivation and potential.

In the context of a professional partnership it is ideally suited to resolve a conflict between 2 partners, or a partner and solicitor/accountant/architect. Conflict comes in many forms. It can result from a power struggle, fundamental differences to approach, rude and perceived arrogance, to bullying. However, if not tackled, the situation will fester and stop the partnership functioning properly.

The mediation enables both parties to express their opinions; it gives them the opportunity to understand the others position and find a solution under which they can both practise within the firm. It has a proven track record, and while the parties in conflict may/ will not return to being friends, they will establish the professional and working relationship they need to work together.