COVID-19 Mediation Guidance for mediations taking place after 23 March 2020

A note from mediator Mark Whittell 

We are very conscious that the majority of solicitors, where possible, are now working from home and that meetings with clients will be postponed or take place over the phone or by video. 

All of us are faced with the dilemma of abiding by the government recommendations, while at the same time trying to achieve a semblance of normality. In order for us to help reduce the spread of Coronavirus and comply withe government guidance, face to face mediations are at present not possible.

So that we can keep the legal process moving and mediations can continue to take place we have the following proposals we would ask parties to consider the following alternatives to face to face mediations: 

  1. The mediation is conducted over the phone
  2. We conduct the mediation through Zoom, Skype or FaceTime. 

You can read about our Online Mediation services here.

Admittedly, it will change the dynamics of the mediation but we have the experience to make these methods of mediation work. We have already conducted telephone mediations for larger claims - last week we settled an £80,000 dispute using telephone mediation.

Alternatively, we feel sure that the courts will have some sympathy in extending the court timetable to allow for the current problems to pass.

We remain very flexible and are happy to think laterally to find a solution.

If you are worried or want to make alternative arrangements, new arrangements, please contact Victoria on or 01663 719442

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