Why is mediation ideal for construction disputes?

Over the years the construction industry has built a reputation of parties in conflict. In recent times the industry and the courts have made great strides into removing conflict with a more open approach to the procurement and delivery of construction and civil engineering projects. Unfortunately, there are still matters where the parties have different viewpoints that need to be resolved.

Disputes over variations and their effect on cost and extensions of time during a contract as well as quality of workmanship and non-completion disputes at the end of a contract, are all capable of resolution by mediation.

Many of NWMS' mediators have worked in the construction and civil engineering industry for many years and appreciate the need to quickly reach speedy and acceptable solutions to problems as they arise. Mediations and other forms of alternative dispute resolution provided by the NWMS panel mediators are essential to the resolution of points of conflict both during and after the construction project.

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