Chaired Solutions - an alternative?

This service is aimed at parties in dispute who wish to get together to discuss their problems in a form of joint settlement meeting but that has the benefit of a neutral chairman. We provide you with a chairman who oversees the settlement meeting and is a qualified and experienced mediator. It is our experience that the prospects for settlement, where a neutral chairman is present at a meeting, increase dramatically.

Usually the parties would be legally represented but this is not always the case. The parties’ lawyers will give an oral outline of the dispute to the chairman immediately before the meeting.

One of the advantages of this type of meeting is that the parties will be reality tested in private by the chairman,  who will:

  • play “devil’s advocate during the negotiations, and
  • will emphasise the need to prepare a written, binding settlement agreement when settlement is reached.


Based on our belief that this approach will likely limit the negotiations to two hours, the fee would be £375 + VAT per party plus £150 + VAT per party per hour thereafter in the unlikely event of it extending beyond two hours.